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Boost your sales

Display your promotions, new products or simply promote your brand

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Publish information messages, news in your company or share company figures

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Create real attractive content to attract more people to your business

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100% online

Ledpilot is accessible from anywhere in the world. You can add and edit all your content with your computer, tablet or smartphone. A last-minute touch-up? A price to change? No problem, each modification is instantaneous.


Create your animated content

With the Layout Editor, you can create animated content very quickly, and in just a few moments you have an attractive and professional layout.

Schedule your content

The schedule function allows you to schedule the broadcast of your content in advance.It is also possible to create recurrences for special actions, such as the Christmas period, Valentine's Day or even Black Friday.

Use our Apps

Ledpilot comes with dynamic content ready to use. You want to show the weather, the time or a Twitter feed? No problem, everything has been planned.

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How it works

All you need to do is connect the Ledpilot box provided, and that's it!

Thanks to a very simple interface, you can choose to assign content to any of your screens, which will be updated instantly!

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